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I’ve decided to dedicate a page to important information regarding home education in the UK. Im also going to add my personal view at the bottom about our journey so far & why I think home education is great!

Links for Scotland, Wales & Ch.Isl can be found within the following sites:

Home Education .org has lots of useful information on the law for the UK, N.Ireland & I found this site for Scotland. This glossary is helpful for understanding all the differents terms.

Home Education .biz has all the forum groups listed for an easy way to see the one/s in your area. I recommend joining these for an inside look at your area for home educators.

Education Otherwise is abundant with useful information for England, Wales, Scotland & the Channel Islands. Including groups & support with SEN & child benefit information.

HEAS is another site with info on home ed, i find their FAQ paricularly easy to read 🙂

Now just to be balanced I’ll give you the GOV.UK link but in contrast to the others i found the information provided a little limited….you may also find your local council website doesnt portray the law very clearly so I recommend looking at different sources before making up your mind. There is a lot of information out there, even more than i have listed so as long as you put the time in, you wont be short of help.

Connecting with other home educators in your area could be very beneficial so if you’re on Facebook or Twitter I can help! You can find me on FB here & on Twitter. Be sure to say hi!

If you’re on Twitter we run a get together using #homeedhour hashtag every Thursday 8-9pm and #homeednight from 9pm onwards. If you want to connect with the home ed community anytime just add #homeed to your tweets! 🙂

If you have any Q’s just leave a comment or find me on the social media site links above and I’ll add them here 🙂

My Experience…

My experience of home education so far has been interesting. At first I wasnt sure what i should be ‘teaching’ my daughter who had spent the last 4 years in school. I knew why i had taken her out….a few reasons really (not that they matter, it’s your right as a parent to choose to home educate & you dont need to discuss the reason with *anyone*) I knew what she now hated….work. Spelling lists, homework, anything that required her to write things down that A) she probably didnt even understand & B) didnt enjoy learning about. So I took a child led approach. Hard at first, while the doubts crept in I even picked up some keystage books from the library…daughter wasnt impressed haha so I took them back 😀

But after talking to some other home educators it was recommended to me that we take time to deschool. A month for every year spent in school. So we had already had 2/3 months…i guess we needed more time to relax & get used to this new way of life! 😉 It helped that the LEA hadnt connected me for a while after we de reg’d too. When the call did come through it was to say the school had ‘lost’ the de reg letter & they needed another copy to officially take my eldest off the register. All was well, the lady did ask me why i decided to home ed…bit cheeky but I neednt have worried, I received a letter months later from the Education Advisor team saying they had no concerns, would be in touch in Autumn 2015 & to tick a box stating if i wanted a home visit or not. 🙂 I chose not btw 😉

So how is my child led/autonomous approach going? Well my daughter (8) has chosen to learn Mandarin Chinese, and knows a lot thanks to some great videos on YouTube. She goes rock climbing once a week & met some lovely new friends. My twins (3) have been having fun on the ‘Teach Your Monster To Read‘ site even though they cant read yet it did help them recognise more letters. They have grown a little bored of it now but it does seem to have sparked their interest in finding out how things work…and encouraged them to press a lot of buttons! 😀

My recommendations would be to only do what you can & not worry about the rest. Sometimes you can be overwhelmed with events to attend but dont feel like you have to go to them all! I found it was a little slow to begin with but it takes time to build up a network of friends and become ‘known’ at some meet ups.

You may find this approach doesnt work well for your family, thats ok, there’s lots of other ways people home educate. Everyone is different & therefore their home ed journey will also be different. Dont feel like ‘Jane’ is doing so many things with her family…because everyone has a pj day (or two…or three)! We just dont tend to post pics of us in our pjs eating popcorn much! haha

Home education to me is about living together as a family, learning together and being happy! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Useful Home Ed Info

  1. I think this is so lovely – especially the end part where you talk about learning together as a family. My tiny little tuition business suddenly got quite a bit of interest from HE families who wanted a little support with some more challenging content as the kids got older, or with exam entries, or even with schemes of work and structured resources they could use at home. I visited a few families and I was struck by how natural and holistic the education was, and how content the children seemed to be. That last sentence here really sums up that experience for me. Beautiful sentence 🙂

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