Howly Halloween!

Just a quick one to say….


All the toys posing for a photo before they go off trick’o’treating! ^.^

I just finished crocheting the Domo but I’m not happy with his mouth….or maybe it’s his eyes….I may remake him soon…


My sons like him so that’s the main thing plus I think the red & white felt may come in handy for Xmas crafts. If I don’t use it all on an army of Domos! ^.^

Well i hope you have a lovely evening!

Almost Finished!

So I have begun my Dracula finally today! I’m about half way through, but housework and children meant I had to stop 😉

I plan to finish him today then I will move on to my next project….

Well you’ll just have to wait and see what that is! ^.^

I’ll be back later with pictures of my Dracula! Mwhahahaha ^.^

After a busy day with the children I only managed one line of crocheting! I’m going to attempt to finish the cape on Dracula now but I might only be able to post pictures tomorrow! >.<

And I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who has showed support to my new blog by liking or following ^.^ thank you!

Crochet Halloween Collection


I made this cutie using a pattern I found on lion brands website. It didn’t take long to make (once I’d put my phone down! Lol) so ill be making more to decorate the house with and hopefully rehome some too ^.^


I found this bat pattern online but I added a face for a more Halloween look 😉 The kids love these! Choosing different colours for the eyes and mouth too ^.^





I made Medusa and the skull ghost myself so I’m rather proud of those ^.^ The pattern for the pumpkins can be found online, they’re so small and quick to make. They make the Halloween collection pretty complete but I do hope to make Dracula and maybe some spiders (my own patterns) before Halloween too!

Here is the spider!


And the spider on a keyring! ^.^