Getting Ready for Christmas! Ho Ho Ho

Merry Christmas from us!


My daughter’s Monster High ghouls wanted to get into the spirit of xmas and requested I make them accessories to ‘fit in’ with the season. My personal favourite is the elf outfit, proving popular too, already posted some off to customers!

I haven’t been able to previously but will do my best to set time aside each week or so to update my blog. There is lots to share since my last post but the best place to do that would be via my instagram page!

I haven’t made many crafts for the xmas season, been crazy busy with various other boring but apparently necessary tasks! Also some christmas shopping…may have spent more than intended but not too much so I’m happy, plus anything extra I get now is going away for the upcoming birthdays after the New Year! 😀

I do have a WIP on my hook at the moment, its a free pattern from the Squirrel Picnic blog, an absolutely lovely island play set! I’ve also finished a present for a friend and thinking what to make next…well if I don’t finish my WIP in time for xmas I’ll save it for my twin son’s birthdays.

Hope you like the free pattern, definitely worth bookmarking. ^.^

Howly Halloween!

Just a quick one to say….


All the toys posing for a photo before they go off trick’o’treating! ^.^

I just finished crocheting the Domo but I’m not happy with his mouth….or maybe it’s his eyes….I may remake him soon…


My sons like him so that’s the main thing plus I think the red & white felt may come in handy for Xmas crafts. If I don’t use it all on an army of Domos! ^.^

Well i hope you have a lovely evening!