Dusting off the old blog!

Wow that’s a lot of cobwebs! Sorry I did disappear for a while. I found it hard to keep up with my blog and everything else but I’m back and this time I have news! From September I will officially be a home educator! I say officially because it does require sending in a letter to the school (of your child attends one) and informing them of your plan, which I will do in September.

So expect lots of updates of our journey home educating & not forgetting all my Mini Makes! Actually I have lots to update there too! If you want a quick look you can see the latest on my Instagram.

Here’s a little something I made not long ago…


Its on my “To do list” to make more of these…. But like many crafter’s…that could be there a while!

Stay tuned as I update this blog!…

Finished my Xmas presents!

I’ve finally finished all the crocheted and knitted presents! I’ve got a few more projects to complete before Xmas though…like another knitted stocking, a xmas wreath & some Xmas hats for my mini makes ^.^ hehe

I have two finished projects I have to wait until after Xmas to show you because they’re Xmas presents for friends! But for now here’s what I’ve been busy making:



The minion was an order I just sent out today ^.^

So hope you’re giving in to your Xmas spirit….I’ll be posting pics of our lovely Xmas tree next week! ^.^

Never ending project list!

I’ve finished the minion order, have also finished making 4 Xmas turtles:
These guys are super cute, as is this puppy….I know, I know I keep finding new things to make whilst I still have a never ending project list to complete! Anyway here are the pups:
In my defence, I made this as a Xmas present….but once my kids saw it they placed their orders….I now have to make them in blue, purple & yellow!
Hehe yeah I did him today, but I still have to make a yellow & purple one! You know I still haven’t made those minion slippers yet! Xmas is so close now! Like 21 days or less away! =-O seriously…
So once the kids are asleep I am back to the crochet hooks! ^.^

Oh before I forget, here’s the new-old pram we got!

Its so much easier to push than my last side by side pram. It is a tad long but I love it & so do my twins! ^.^

Minion Madness

That is my first attempt at a minion using only this picture for reference:

My twin boys love the minions, they’ve watched the second film about 5 times already! So I’ve made them their very own for Xmas! ^.^

I still have lots on my “to make” list before Xmas though…including those minion slippers I mentioned in my last post….! I’ve been asked to make a minion on a keyring! That will be interesting….I’m tempted to do a baby minion (aww so cute!) but ill have to play around with my pattern and draw up some ideas first.

I don’t feel ready for Xmas yet….it’s coming up so fast….maybe I should start preparing from August next year!…

More Xmas presents?!

I started making a minion for one of my sons….but now i’m ill with a rotten cold and yes I’m feeling sorry for myself! -_- I’ve nearly finished the minion too, but I can’t make it whilst my boys are awake…obviously…so will see if I summon enough strength to finish him tonight. I’ve resorted to getting in bed and staying there recently ^.^ why would I want to freeze my butt outside my cosy covers? No unfortunately not even crocheting will cheer me up!
I did make a cute wee xmas wreath from PlanetJune I plan to try them in different colours too and maybe add some of my mini holly on it!

I still have plenty of thick yarn leftover from the cowl I made so I want to use it to make cosy socks for my twins, their feet get awful cold in their wellies.

Also found cute crochet minion slippers here from UK Crochet Patterns, all in UK terms though mind so ill have to convert them to US! ^.^

I wonder if I have enough yarn….think I’m going to my favourite wool shop on Monday, hehe….

I have just realised I’m almost overrun with projects this year! Oops! There’s just so many great patterns to try and cute things to make! ^.^

I would love to hear what projects you have on the go!

Getting ready for Xmas!

I’ve finished the knitted bear for a friend…but I forgot to take a picture of it! Nevermind, ill ask my friend to do it after she opens it ^.^
I got the pattern from issue 20 of the Let’s Get Crafting magazine.

This is one I made before…to give you an idea ^.^

I’ve also made a cute wee duck from here for a friend who’s toddler loves ducks ^.^

My toddler asked me for a yellow snake so using one of Lucy Ravenscar’s patterns found here I made him this:

I think he likes yellow because he also wants a yellow bear!

And I’ve been busy crocheting & wrapping presents for close friends and family…pics will have to wait so I don’t ruin the surprise! ^.^

What have you been doing to get ready for Xmas?

Finished project 1!

I’ve finally finished today…I actually haven’t knit the full 55″ stated in the pattern because it seems almost too long when I put it on! Maybe that’s because of the chunky yarn I used….


So now I move onto my next project, a present for a good friend. Shouldn’t take long, it’s a wee knitted bear! ^.^

Just going to wrap up this cowl/scarf thing and send it across the ocean ^.^

All but 1 on hold!

So I’m making a cowl for my mother in law, honestly, i only recently found out what a cowl is! It’s like a scarf but its not…actually I’m not going to explain because I found so many variations of a cowl when I was looking for one to make i wouldn’t know where to start!
I settled with a crochet one but halfway through I realised that, oh yes the bottom is too small! And that was after I tested a gauge! (First and last time I’ll bother with those things!) Anyway I did the unthinkable, unravelled 2 or 3 days of work….and started to knit a new one ^.^


Looks long yes? Well after measuring it I’m not even halfway through! >.< I'm 1/4….yes a quarter the way to the end! But I digress, its lovely, chunky & soft….and I enjoy knitting so i'll just have to put my phone away for longer than 10 minutes & get knitting! Lol ^.^

So until I finish this cowl I can't do any other projects….I want to make some more Domos….in all different colours ^.^ I'm going to knit my 2 yr old twins their stockings this year and try felt the first letter of their name to each one…then fill it with crochet presents ^.^ hehe I'm thinking of attempting to crochet superman for them. It's a shame I couldn't get away with more handmade presents for my eldest & less materialistic ones…but alas she's at that age… 😉

I still need to crochet some more Xmas decorations…oh & I have some presents for close friends I need to make…(a knitted bear for one…) the list is endless so I better get back to this cowl!

Hope you're all having a lovely week, Friday tomorrow, hurray! ^.^

November Domos

So today I’ve made two smaller Domos for my other two children. Smaller came out much better however I still think the mouth needs work….I have an idea I will try out soon with the felt to make it less bulky.


My daughter asked to have this yellow one I made instead of a pink one:


I will keep trying to perfect it and then I may put some up for sale but I mustn’t forget I still have a long Christmas crochet list too! And now we are in November time is running out! (Yes my list is that long) ^.^

Howly Halloween!

Just a quick one to say….


All the toys posing for a photo before they go off trick’o’treating! ^.^

I just finished crocheting the Domo but I’m not happy with his mouth….or maybe it’s his eyes….I may remake him soon…


My sons like him so that’s the main thing plus I think the red & white felt may come in handy for Xmas crafts. If I don’t use it all on an army of Domos! ^.^

Well i hope you have a lovely evening!