Recapping our tiny xmas

I’m sure you don’t really want to read anything related to Christmas in January however I’ll quickly recap how ours went since it was decided we were not “going all out”.

I bought one present for my kids, Santa also bought them one each. Oops tell a lie, he brought a small play doh kit for my twins to share. Grand total? £25 + a £20 doll my hubby bought for our daughter, however that was a mistake as we went to Asda and the doll was meant to be £13.97…unfortunately he doesn’t check receipts until he’s home! Too late. But Asda lost our custom for good (as that’s not the first time it’s happened).

Anyway my friends and family got the kids and us some presents and to be honest I found it altogether much  better. My kids didn’t rip through tonnes of presents then sit a little unsure what to do next nor did they decide the next day that they’re already bored with their new toys. Why? Because they weren’t overwhelmed.

They had their play and we got ready for dinner at auntie’s house. They got a handful of presents altogether and still play with them everyday. Not once have they disregarded their new toys in boredom once the ‘excitement of Xmas’ wore off, which is what I found happened every year prior when I bought toys just to fill more space under that damn tree.

I want to teach my children the value of that which is priceless and not the value of their material items. They don’t need things, they need love, attention, time and fun. You can’t buy happiness.

I have birthdays coming up in the next two months for my kids and I’ve bought one toy for them each. And that is all I will buy. It is educational and lots of fun but I can’t share it just yet! You’ll have to wait and see 😊

🎉Happy 2016. Hoping this one is filled with more love and less money than the last 💚💛💜💙


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