What summer?

We spent the majority of August wondering where our summer was? Apparently it was in the Algarve.. 😉

We went to kidzania last week: our replacement tickets for losing half the time in the bomb evacuation last time.
It was quiet at first, only one small school group, my 4yos decided they didn’t care to wait in queues so they still didn’t get to go on the fire engine but I can’t fault kidzania for that one, my boys werent feeling too patient so they went to the ambulance instead. A few mini cartoons later & some talk on first aid care they got to ride the ambulance.


They didn’t think much of having to get out and help the injured patient though 😂 they just wanted to stay in the  ambulance!
My eldest (9yo) got to do what she wanted, although I thought the activities were sometimes aimed for a younger audience she still enjoyed herself, rock climbing, chocolate making, drumming…


Overall the kids had fun, but I’d say on a normal business day it’s a lot busier than it was when we went so my boys would not have been able to go on many activities due to the queues. If I was ever to go again I’d wait until my twins were at least 6.

Also I was very disappointed at the prices in the toy shop. If you think museums price high then you haven’t seen the Kidzania shop prices! The fact that you’ve just spent over the odds for a ticket in but you still have to pay over the odds for foods (there are many cleverly placed, indulgent food stands), buggy storage and little kidzania memorabilia I think is just out of order.

So pack a lunch and remain firm, luckily my kids were a little too distracted to notice most of the sweet shops, and try have fun! They do have free WiFi, albeit a bit slow but still something for you to do whilst your kids are busy in an activity for 30 mins or so whilst you look on. 🙂



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