No shampoo No good

So since the beginning of April I’ve stopped using shampoo and conditioner. For the first 2 months I went completely without. I’d only “wash” my hair with water. But the grease was pretty unbearable by this point, I’d read that by 1 month I should have started to see better results…so I decided to try the bicarb and vinegar wash. It worked, my hair was free from grease. Sure it wasnt as light as it is when I use traditional products but I was happy. So after more reading I decided I didn’t want to use bicarb and vinegar as a replacement, I wanted my hair to self clean as everyone claims it can do so as much as possible I washed with only water.

I’m now past month 4 and my hair was flaky, it was greasy and looked dull. I’ve been wearing it up for months because I wasn’t happy with it. Self cleaning? I only saw grease. So today I washed my hair in shampoo and conditioner, the crap I cleaned off it must have been something immense and not just judging by the colour of the water because my hair feels so light, soft but more than that I can actually see colour in my hair, my natural colour, my hair has blonde, browns & I can see it! Before it just looked dark…

My verdict: No poo doesn’t work, well at least not for me. I started this trial for one reason, to drop the potentially harmful products and wash my hair with water. Live more simply. Not replace my shampoo with more products. Perhaps years of conditioning has eroded that possibility…Perhaps it just isn’t true.

This was my experience. I spent 4 months giving it a try. Right now I have my hair down sun drying outside, and it looks good. Time for a hair cut to match I think… πŸ™‚


One thought on “No shampoo No good

  1. Such a shame no ‘poo didn’t work for you! I absolutely hated bicarb and vinegar so I switched to rhassoul clay in the end, it has a nice amount of grit in it that helps get rid of sebum, and it gives my roots good volume without drying my ends out and needing to grab the straighteners πŸ™‚ could be worth looking into other methods as something else might work better for you?

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