Why I’m going against the grain

I haven’t updated in a while, I find constant blogging hard but I’ll update from my last post: we released all our caterpillars into the park, they seemed to thrive a lot more out there to be honest. We are now butterfly free.

I’ve been worrying about the government changes, like many others and I’ve decided that the pressure the job centre put us under is not worth it, I shall bare it for now but if they threaten my family with sanctions because they expect me to drop my kids off with expensive childminders (strangers) then sanction away as I will not leave my children in the hands of someone I do not trust. I CHOOSE to educate MY children. I, and all other home educators save the government hundreds (if not thousands) of pounds a year by taking responsibility of our own children’s education. So why is the government so hell bent on FORCING us to send our children to school? Oversubscribed, poor quality schools? Why should the government get to DICTATE to us how many hours we work?

Well I for one have had enough, I will not CONFORM. We will do our best to look after our children without the “help” of benefits, we will succeed in our own time and not be bullied.

All this has got me thinking…now I am not religious, I will not force my views and opinions onto others, each to their own, but Xmas, Easter, birthdays serve ONE purpose: to drain us of our hard earned cash. Since when did birthdays become a present giving, money receiving day? To me birthdays are about reminiscing your past years, spending time with loved ones, talking about the future, your hopes, aspirations. But it isn’t about that anymore, its about who gives you the best (most expensive) present. Who throws you the best party…same with Xmas. Now as I’m not religious I don’t think I should celebrate Xmas. So I’ve decided, the most we will do this year is gift each other one present, the rest of the day will be spent as a family, no crap crackers, no fire hazard tree, no stress over Xmas dinner. No wasted money.
I’m going against the grain.

And by the way we didn’t do Easter this year either, no chocolate eggs just a good old egg hunt using mini eggs I crocheted. My kids were happy & to be honest I think the lack of sugar was a good thing 😉


2 thoughts on “Why I’m going against the grain

  1. You are a good, strong and priceless display of what it means to mother children in a way this world desperately needs now. I applaud you!

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