4 Beautiful Butterflies

Day 26 and we now have 4 butterflies. I missed the emerging unfortunately but have been able to take some shots throughout.


The red is not blood, its called meconium. Basically its waste from the butterflies. They use it to fill their wings then expel the rest so be sure to put disposable paper towels down! 🙂

The butterflies needed about a day after emerging to stiffen their wings, placing them in direct sunlight (on our window sill) helped a lot.


We placed a paper towel soaked in sugary water in a lid for them to drink & some fruits.
Taking close shots was easy but since the last butterfly emerged its been a little tricky 😁


We’ve now got two mating, they can mate for up to 8 hours and should not be disturbed so I’ve left them and hopefully the female will lay her eggs on the stinging nettle plant we potted.


Its been lots of fun but it isnt over yet as we have the task of rearing the eggs to look forward to next!


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