We have a pupa!


Day 11 & we have a fresh pupa! Can’t believe I missed it! I actually thought this one was later in stage than the other caterpillar but he’s changed first..


Here’s his head… 😱 its all very exciting and gross haha 😂


This guy will change tonight so I’m hoping I’ll spot our last two unchanged caterpillars tomorrow and watch the final process. When they’ve become butterflies I plan to make a little photo slide of all the pictures I’ve taken so the process from tiny black worm to butterfly can be seen a lot easier! 😛

The kids are excited about the changes and have enjoyed handling them (not really recommended per say but what’s the point if you can’t eh?!) 😜


And we also cleaned their pot of waste and excess silk!


This guys can fill this pot pretty darn quickly! 😮
Its been interesting watching them as they seem to have their own characters. At the moment one seems obsessed with making a silk ‘den’, if you like, around him but he’s been disturbing the changing caterpillars today much to their annoyance. (We call him the “Dumb hotdog guy” a Lego game/mini figure reference!) They swing around and headbutt him and shake all over but he just carries on grabbing silk and sticking it here and there! I haven’t seen him eat much today either. Then there’s the other unchanged caterpillar (Eldest named it ‘Caterpie’ after a pokemon!) that has kept away from the hanging ones and eaten a lot all day! The changing ones are called Batman and Wyldstyle…. 😁 we know (most of the time) who is who because they all have slightly different sizes & acted a little different. Batman got his name because when we first got them he hung upside down a lot but the others didn’t. Wyldstyle is simply named after my sons favourite Lego movie character 😁

So a lot of fun has been had over these past 11 days! We’re hoping to find some plants for the butterflies but so far no luck! I shall have to look in some flower shops tomorrow….I dont know where any are around me….! 😯
Maybe we will spot some cheeseweed or nettle plants…


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