Caterpillars, Insect Lore & Groupon!

We received our caterpillars on Monday, I think we missed the initial stage whilst it was in transit over the weekend however as one caterpillar was brown, the rest black but a day later and the brown one had turned black!

Day 1 with the caterpillars and I assumed one was already dead but turns out it was stuck on the lid, I helped it down and it immediately started eating but I think it has some injuries from being stuck in its silk for so long…its named the runt due to its tiny size!


Eldest has named her small caterpillar (middle) ‘caterpie’. Twin A has named his ‘Wyldstyle’ (the largest one) & Twin B named his ‘Batman’ because it climbed a lot on Day 1 😂 you can see ‘Runt’ at the back curled.
Day 3:


The caterpillars have grown but Runt is still tiny!! They’ve been rather still since yesterday but I suspect they’re getting ready to molt their exoskeletons again.

Lottie has been looking after the caterpillars for us too:


At night we surround the pot with a cloth to keep them warm, keep them away from draughts & direct sunlight!

I was a little disappointed by the process so far, approx £15 total for 5 caterpillars and upon reading the little leaflet they came with, Insect Lore only guarantee 3 of 5 caterpillars/butterflies will survive! 😱

I won’t be buying from them again simply because I thought the postage cost was hidden & Groupon misleadingly stated “a voucher for 5 caterpillars will be provided free” …so I paid £15 for a net?! I don’t like it when businesses are sneaky, i like to know all costs upfront & CLEARLY stated, not hidden away in small print.

I will continue to blog/Instagram our caterpillars growth, hopefully we won’t suffer any losses 😥


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