Bug Month

We received our butterfly netting from Groupon (£11.99) & caterpillars will be despatched this Friday (£2.99 p&p). Today we went to the library to borrow some books on each of the kids’ chosen creature. Eldest chose animals & preying mantises, Twin A chose ladybirds, Twin B chose woodlice, I chose caterpillars & butterflies as we will soon have 5 of them!

We didn’t find anything on woodlice but plenty on other bugs and creepy crawlies & even managed to identify an oddity we spotted last week…


A plume moth! 🙂

Lego has been out a lot recently, we’ve increased our collection quite a bit too which came in handy for this little number game I made up:


I’m going to do the same but bigger with the alphabet soon too 🙂 even eldest wanted to join in!

She’s been busy with Lottie too


I made Lottie a backpack too and we went to a friends house for an adventure in the countryside 😁

Home ed life is good, what have you been up to?


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