The big S word


We went to the Natural History Museum recently with another HE family. People who have their children in school are always asking about socialisatio & wonder how their child will get to meet as many children as they do in school.

My eldest spent a few years in school, 4 to be exact. We left at the end of yr 3 & in all those years she never really made any friends. She met a lot of mean children, a lot of children she had little in common with & in the end can only name me 1 or 2 girls who she got along with. But she still had to see the other children everyday regardless.

Now we HE it is true that once you find all the groups & meet ups happening around you there is opportunity to meet and greet. My personal experience was that not many people want to meet new HE families. We went to a few meet ups and no one welcomed the new kid (ie me & my daughter) as I assumed they would. They looked over & carried on within the group they had established. My daughter found the children to be particularly unwelcoming & a couple even telling her to go away. The good thing about HE though is you don’t have to go back there.

I was surprised that the last group I did go to, the parents were welcoming & kind to myself & my children. Eldest still didn’t seem to be welcomed into the children’s group…again I believe its a case of being unsure of the new kid & safe within their own established ‘gang’. We weren’t able to go back as its quite a trek for me with twins under 5 & in a pram. Since then my daughter has joined rock climbing where again you meet and greet & I did meet some friendly parents but none have stuck to the club & have moved on. It seems a common theme among the HE community, moving on and meeting new people. I guess for us it takes some getting used to!

But that being said my determination to find some nice children for my daughter seems to have paid off (if only a bit) as we did meet with a lovely HE family who are very welcoming although busy! 😉 another problem that seems to be quite common among meeting new HE friends is that their schedule is usually a little booked up for socialisation outside their usual groups.


Back to our museum visit, we went to parts of the museum we hadn’t been to for a long time. The volcano & earthquake sections were the children’s favourite though 🙂 Another trip to the shop & we took home some more glow in the dark dinos 😆


I almost forgot, we also watched the eclipse, safely from indoors & easily via the TV 😀 the kids weren’t really engaged but I put it on as it was too cloudy outside anyway.


That’s Lottie doll, eldest is still having adventures with her too 😉
I completed the Lottie doll order, will be shipping it off on Monday, Lottie loved the Autumn coat.


I had lots of fun crocheting this order.

I must try to update weekly as I think I’m trying to cram too much into my posts! 😅 My children are all coming down with lurgies 😷 so i’ll see you next week then!


One thought on “The big S word

  1. We have only just reached out and attended a home education group and found it positive so will be doing more of that although me not driving holds us back a bit.
    Love the Natural History Museum – always have and my children loved the volcano bits too

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