New adventures

If you read my last post you’ll know I’ve been busy getting ready for my twin son’s 4th birthday this month. They have decided they want a dinosaur theme party. Twin A asked for dino wrapping paper but I found none long enough at an affordable price so taking our Xmas wrapping paper, myself & my 9yo daughter set to work…


We also made their birthday cards & I stitched some crocheted dinosaur appliques & balloons on šŸ˜€
I’m hoping to finish wrapping their presents tonight & make a quick harness for my daughters new Lottie doll that arrived today.
Day 1: Adventures with Lottie


Eldest was very excited to get Lottie & edited this photo I took in her Photoshop app & asked me to share it online 😝
The reason I’m making a harness is so Lottie can go rock climbing tomorrow!

Apart from that I’ve been busy making an order for an 18″ doll, I’m pretty much all finished now, just waiting on some elastic. Now I’m making another dolls outfit, but this one is 32″ !


I really enjoy crocheting orders for people, gives me a great excuse to do what I love & buy more yarn! 😘


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