Birthdays, themed days & more days!


It seems February was jammed packed full of themed days. We had birthdays, valentines day, pancake day, i think that’s a lot for the shortest month of the year! And now i’m getting ready for my twin son’s birthday in beginning of March.

On the subject of themed days…since I’ve started home eduating i have to say I’ve become even more against these commercialised days. I dont think i would mind too much if days like valentine’s day didnt have such a negative effect on so many people, but the fact remains they do. Men who refuse to give in to this obvious ploy to make us spend our money on material junk are seen as unloving & uncaring. Women who do not partake are judged as bitter & unromantic. I also never understood why schools encourage>force children to write cards for this day. I always understood valentines day as a day for adults….not one for children, yet look around today and children are giving cards out to peers, parents. It’s all a little too forced for my liking. Why do we need one day to show how much we love someone? Why should we need to spend our money on pointless crap to show it too?

We didnt do anything for pancake day either…i hate having to be forced into buying something. My kids arent aware it’s ‘pancake day’ so when we next feel like pancakes I will buy some, but i dont need the added pressure of a themed day to do it!

All these themed days also reflect birthdays and yes christmas too. I wont say much on the latter but i dont think i need to. These days are all good and fun if they’re kept in proportion but the fact of the matter remains they’re not. There is always a subconcious race to get the best tree, make the best cake, buy the best presents…WHY? Our kids only need our love and atttention. Honestly speaking out of all the xmases and birthdays how many of those ‘must have’ toys do your kids even still play with? Im sure like the rest of us the answer is…erm…gosh probably none? I know my daughter begged me and swore she ‘must have’ the monster high dolls oh and the talking canary (live pet)…let me tell you 14 odd dolls later & 1 live pet from family…guess where they are now? Sitting on her shelf.

Well that being said i have bought something rather awesome for my twin son’s birthday…a drum kit πŸ˜€ You’re probably thinking hypocrite? well no, i didnt say ‘Don’t’ buy things…lets face it we’re all too deep in to suddenly pull out now…we’d probably be reported for neglect if we did! πŸ˜‰ But i was thinking ok I cant afford a piano (and i was never musically gifted to play one) so why not walk a little outside the lines and get something else? Forget your plastic drums and flutes, my kids need something with noise, bass…it’ll be an awesome learning curve πŸ˜€ and i’m sure my nieghbours wont mind much…theyre noisy too, just in a ‘screaming kids’ and ‘stomping’ way rather then a musical way.

Eldest got a gaming tablet for her birthday from her dad so its only fair i balance that tech with something instrumental right? I have been taking an unschooling approach with it. I dont tell her she’s played enough and I’ve even (begrudgingly) joined her on one game where we can visit eachother’s shops… :/ it’s not that i mind but i really dont have time for these idle games! And i bet you dont believe me when i say she still participates in playing with us over her tablet? Well it’s true, she’s even been known to put it down to play with her brothers! πŸ˜› Ok i’ll stop being silly, but i do think my previous fears that she’d sit in a corner on the tablet all day were unfounded. Sure she plays on it more than she would have done if she didnt have it…that’s obvious but she downloaded an app to help her with her Chinese today and has been enjoying playing lotsΒ  of pet games and others. I think it’s a good learning experience for her in our world of tech.


Now lots more has happened but if you follow me on twitter, instagram or facebook you’ll already know about it so i’ll leave it here, besides it sounds like someone is building a garage outside so i’m going to have a nosey through my curtains πŸ˜‰ G’night!



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