Not everyone is friendly!

The first update is i managed to get back into the social world…but i almost ran into hot water again today…by asking some questions to apparently the wrong people! It would seem that my naive assumption that ‘because we all home educate, we’re all lovely to eachother’ was a little off! Oops. I’m hoping no report buttons were pressed that will ultimately have me locked out again but what i find in all this madness…the person who presses that button always goes and hides in the shadows after…well if they felt strong enough to do it, why not tell me? I invite discussions, heated debates, it’s how we communicate on things that might have otherwise gone misunderstood.

Lets see, what else is new? Well we booked a place to go to a free Wagamamas cookery lesson during half term & managed to get a new home ed friend booked in on the same day too which is great.

My twins have been learning some Portuguese too, i wish i had stuck to when they were smaller but they already can count to 10 which i’m amazed at because i assumed they hadnt been paying attention to me before! So I’m encouraged to teach them different words now. They do sometimes ask what some words are in Portuguese. Their favourite activity this week has been putting beads on a pipe cleaner sounds simple but they all loved it!

My eldest hasnt done much on Chinese for the past two days…not sure if she’s ridden that boat now and wants to move on or is having a break but she has been a bit rude/grumpy too maybe it’s hormones? She is nearly 9…Maybe what we need is a girly cuddle on the sofa with some ice cream when the twins go to bed 😀


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