What’s New?

So everyone is reflecting on 2014 and looking forward to 2015.

Well let’s see, we started 2014 with my eldest still in school and are now ending it with us home educating! I don’t know if we’ll end 2015 the same way due to all the sanctions the job centre are so desperate to dish out without an ounce of actual help… It’s the reason I was up until almost 5am…unable to sleep & trying to figure out how I can work from home. It’s my own fault for leaving it so late I suppose, but I guess I never knew I would be home educating until last summer…But the fact is if I can’t create a viable business that passes the income floor I will have no choice but to send my children back to school. After they’ve been flourishing so well it seems cruel that we are forced to leave our children in a system that is obviously less effective & possibly damaging for them.

Well upwards and onwards, let’s hope 2015 is more kind to us.

Happy New Year everyone 🙂



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