An eventful day

It’s always hard to know if you’re doing enough when you home educate, especially if you went to school yourself or your child started school. But I’ve been trying to tell myself that *this* is fine. We don’t need tests, ticks and crosses. We need family time, fun, play, live life and have fun learning!

I came across this very positive blog post about home education that inspired this post. And whilst I still feel satisfied that I managed to do some activities with the children today I still need to remember that you can not compare home education to school. There are completely different & can not be measured side by side. To me it’s like comparing the weight of an elephant to the height of a giraffe! 😉

I do think I should get the kids out everyday, even if it’s just 30 minute run about outside to play, its good exercise & they love it!  I know it isn’t the season but I filled up some balloons with water and let the kids throw them outside. Seems insane but none of them had done this before. I realised that half the stuff we’ve done so far since I started home educating in September, we would never have done because school always dominated our lives & we hardly ever did stuff as a family! The mantra was always the same, Monday to Friday; school, homework, dinner, bed. Weekends; Homework, tidy the flat, get ready for the week ahead.

I also let my 3-year-old twin boys try a small 12 & 16 piece jigsaw. With some guidance from me they did pretty well. I’ve always noticed that I do have one twin who is more patient than the other and he wanted to do his jigsaw himself all over again even though he knew we were going to go outside with water balloons! ^.^

I introduced my 8-year-old daughter to web coding recently, starting at the basics on a website called Scratch. She told me she had tried it in school before so knew how to begin. So far she’s made about 4 animations and is currently working on making a game based on the foundation of pong (the ball game).

Before I forget I promised to share some ideas I had for things to do with the kids. I haven’t finished this list but feel free to add to it in the comments & i can dedicate a post to it:

Season inspired:

Reindeer dot to dot, puzzles, xmas colouring in pages…(Could make your own if you do not have a printer…)

    • What is Christmas?
    • What does xmas mean to you?
    • Where does Santa live? (Using the world map on wall)
    • Who else lives there? (Animals/people)
    • Why don’t many people live there?
    • Other names Santa is known by…
    • What things keep us warm?
    • Do you know any warm up exercises?
  • Acting: “Be an elf/reindeer/polar bear/santa/…” Etc
  • Music: Sounds of winter/xmas. Find objects around the home that sounds remind you of xmas.
  • Religeon: What cultures celebrate xmas?
  • Language: How do you say “Merry Christmas” in other languages?

Well with xmas looming I guess I had better finish wrapping the presents…which reminds me, never feel guilty that you haven’t ‘bought enough’ presents for your children…remember there are adults and children out there that won’t have loved ones to share xmas with this year, nevermind any gifts. So be grateful that you can provide love for yours and any presents are a bonus.

Merry Christmas everyone 🙂


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2 thoughts on “An eventful day

  1. Lovely you popped across to mine and commented – thank you. I found your worry about ‘doing enough’ very familiar! But be comforted by the fact that in school, children would get a very limited amount of focussed learning time and a huge amount of time distracted! In fact I worked it out that they also only get about 7 minutes a day of teacher time too. Generally it only takes a minute or two to really grasp something, a little longer to practise and reinforce it, so the rest of the time in your child’s home school day can be filled with valuable play (as opposed to wasting time in a classroom). So stop worrying! And enjoy! 🙂 All the best.

    1. Thank you Ross for visiting & commenting! You’re absolutely right, it got to the stage at my daughter’s school that if you asked for help to understand beyond the teachers first explanation you were deemed not to have been listening so she didn’t like to ask for help! At least at home all her questions can be discussed properly. Thanks again x

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