No time to blog!

I’ve abandoned my plan to blog 100 home ed days simple because I can’t find enough time everyday to write & upload it! But we have been busy going to home ed events, checking out parks we haven’t been to before & just generally having a good time as a family! No rush, no stress…just live life 🙂


We watched the geese and ducks & my twins were asking me about them & why they have webbed feet ^.^

I finished crocheting the kids’ scarves, made a Totally Spies inspired outfit for Barbie (now appropriately renamed ‘Clover’), made a few Halloween decorations & yarn bombed my kitchen 😉 OK i made some jar covers


Hehe 🙂

This time of year is always expensive (especially if you have children) because you find yourself buying wellies, raincoats, jumpers & god knows what else for the changing season whilst also being well aware xmas is coming 😱 Im still aiming for a much less materialistic Xmas this year. My lot have way too many toys as it is, I just need to stay firm! We’ll be doing lots of arts & crafts I think ^.^

But for now let’s get past Halloween! 🎃


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