What law?!

This is my first proper home education blog post and its to ask for help. Not for me…well not directly but essentially this effects me and even you. Even if you don’t home educate this indirectly effects you and everyone else. Why? Because (basically) if the “local authority” can break the law & get away with it then what will they do next?

So what is so serious? Well this: Support is required to drop SAO proceedings against families choosing not to meet the Westminster LA. http://t.co/FzLJ8lYPyG

So the tri borough has taken the law into their own hands and are actively ignoring Government guidelines. They are forcing home educating families to meet with them (something we are not required to do by law) and making ultra vires demands.

They have already produced two SAOs on families forcing their children back to school without any basis! Please read this and sign the petition to ensure they respect the law just like we have to!

Education is compulsory, not school and we all have the right to choose how we educate our children. Please understand that for some, home education is the best decision for families, maybe because their child has been horribly bullied, they may have special needs that the school are unable to support…our rights are being slowly taken away from us, this is a prime example.

Even if you do not agree with home education, maybe you don’t know much about it, it really doesn’t matter, this is a serious situation and we need your help, we can not allow the law to be broken like this, we need to make the Government see they must act & the only way we can do that is with the support of as many people’s signatures as possible. Please help us, it doesn’t cost a thing but you’ll be doing so much!

Thank you.


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