Some useful tips

So as promised here is my car trip list for our long journey through Europe with an 8.5yr old and twins 3.5 years old!

Car Counting Game:
Pick a colour and count the cars of your chosen colour (the less common the better, like orange or gold!)…whoever reaches *15* first wins.


How many foreign car plates can you see and what are they? This is also educational!

Story Rounds:
You start with ‘once upon a time….’ and each passenger then adds a line to the story, taking it in their own direction.

Alphabet Games

Starting with A, name a fruit/vegetable/place/band/etc. The next person then has to name one beginning with B, then C and so on. The game goes round and round the alphabet until everyone is knocked out except the winner.


The first player will start the game by saying ‘I went to the store & I bought…’, (or ‘I packed in my suitcase…’) followed by something that starts with the letter ‘A’. The next person says the same thing (including what the previous player said) & adds something that starts with the letter ‘B’…

Question Game:
‘Why are we playing this game?’, and the following person has to respond with a question, such as ‘I don’t know, didn’t you start it?’ and so on until someone answers with a statement.

Some other ideas to entertain the kids:
(Old) Maps to doodle on / explore (find out where they are and which way they’re going…

I Spy, Origami, card games…

Music (maybe from a CD player or iPod?) nursery rhymes, wheels on bus…

And if your budget stretches you might want to break out the DVD player at some point in the journey! I think we’ve left it too late this time to get the twin headrest DVD set but there’s always next time!

And of course many resign to handing over their mobiles to entertain too…just be careful of roaming charges!

I’ve also bought some books from Amazon, the new Tom Gates by Liz Pichon (which I recommend for boys or girls over 7. My daughter started reading these books aged 7, & loved them) I also bought a couple books for my twins, found their favourite “Transformers Rescue bots” books in the £ store! And have hidden a couple car toys to break out in the journey too (also from £ store, but these are matchbox cars so good quality) ^.^
And I just gave my daughter this:


‘Wreck this Journal’ by Keri Smith. Which as you can see has been a little defaced already ^.^ This will be coming with us as its jammed packed full of things to do which mostly involve ways to destroy the journal! Its a brilliant way to encourage your child’s creativity, exploration and inventiveness. Its amazing but simple!

I was going to give my daughter my old iPhone 3GS but it keeps turning off mid games so it would be pretty useless + I don’t want her playing with her phone when we are on holiday…

And of course we need to pack a big freezer bag full of food & water etc…

So I hope this has been helpful! Let me know if you have any tips too ^.^


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