Summer Holidays!

Ok so its only a few days in but I’m loving the break from school & I’m trying to come to terms with the fact we won’t be returning to the school run in September either! 🙌
I’ve been busy adding edging to my twin son’s baby blankets…just for fun really!



They love them! They chose the colours themselves…going for their usual “Batman” & “Superman” themes. Even though its too hot for a fleece blanket they’ve been taking these to bed every night 🙂
Next I made a lizard:


Free & easy pattern here 🙂
I’m currently making one in neon green for my son who loves Mike Wasowski from Monsters Inc and a spotted one for my Sully mad son 😆

I’ve also been stockpiling toys and games for our car journey through Europe! So if you need cheap tips to keep the kids busy on a long journey, stayed tuned, I’ll make my very own post dedicated to just that soon! I’m very excited to be going away because we haven’t been able to for almost 3 years.

Are you going anywhere this year?


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