Goodbye Presents

So I finally finished the end of year gifts for my daughters class mates. 30 caterpillars 😮


And my daughter is also giving some origami we made together


Cranes, lilly, cats and dogs ^.^

I also had a wee bit of a scare…I found this in my bathroom…


And because of its orange legs and grey markings I thought it may be a false black widow! Luckily not! I had it identified on the National History Museums’ NaturePlus site, turns out its a “mature male Steatoda grossa – which is not a species implicated in bites” Phew! 😅 Glad I didn’t kill him then! I tend to leave the spiders…I don’t like killing them, they’re useful in pest control + from what I’ve read even the false black widow isn’t something people should be scared of, they’re not aggressive (will run away from you!) & bites are less likely than a bee or wasp sting. I just didn’t want my 3 year old twins poking one and getting bitten! They’re into touching anything that moves now…so if I did come across one I’d probably have to either pop it outside or squash it 😦

Anyway enough about spiders! Here, this one is more cuddly and less scary!


At least he won’t bite you! ^.^

Well hope you all have a lovely week in this sun! 🌞


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