Dusting off the old blog!

Wow that’s a lot of cobwebs! Sorry I did disappear for a while. I found it hard to keep up with my blog and everything else but I’m back and this time I have news! From September I will officially be a home educator! I say officially because it does require sending in a letter to the school (of your child attends one) and informing them of your plan, which I will do in September.

So expect lots of updates of our journey home educating & not forgetting all my Mini Makes! Actually I have lots to update there too! If you want a quick look you can see the latest on my Instagram.

Here’s a little something I made not long ago…


Its on my “To do list” to make more of these…. But like many crafter’s…that could be there a while!

Stay tuned as I update this blog!…


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