Never ending project list!

I’ve finished the minion order, have also finished making 4 Xmas turtles:
These guys are super cute, as is this puppy….I know, I know I keep finding new things to make whilst I still have a never ending project list to complete! Anyway here are the pups:
In my defence, I made this as a Xmas present….but once my kids saw it they placed their orders….I now have to make them in blue, purple & yellow!
Hehe yeah I did him today, but I still have to make a yellow & purple one! You know I still haven’t made those minion slippers yet! Xmas is so close now! Like 21 days or less away! =-O seriously…
So once the kids are asleep I am back to the crochet hooks! ^.^

Oh before I forget, here’s the new-old pram we got!

Its so much easier to push than my last side by side pram. It is a tad long but I love it & so do my twins! ^.^


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