New-old things ^.^

I’ve finally stopped using my dated iPhone 3GS in exchange for my partners old LG p990. Its a fab phone (compared to my old one anyway!) So I’m happy but all my media (Mini Makes pics) are in the oldie….and iTunes hasn’t worked properly for my iPhone in a long while also now my contract is up I can’t even access my folders via USB on the PC now either
:-$ its all a load of headache really…so whilst I figure out a way to extract my media from one old phone to another I also have acquired a new-old tandem pram for my twins! ^.^

Our usual double buggy is in need of a permanent retirement after 2 years of everyday use! I can’t wait for my boys to try out the new-old pram! I will post pics once we’ve tried it out on Monday ^.^

In the meantime I’ve had an order of two minions that I’ve been busy making. I need to finish one more Xmas present for a friend too then I can finally concentrate on finishing my own projects (like a knitted stocking for my boys) & minion slippers! 😛

Lastly, it is the 1st of December today so I grant you full access to your Christmas spirit! Go nuts & be merry! You have no excuse not to now 😉

And let me be the first to say,


5 thoughts on “New-old things ^.^

    1. Thanks, i’ll have to try it, I have got dropbox for this phone, otherwise I wonder if jailbreaking the iPhone will fix the problem :-\ Luckily about 95% of my media I already transferred to my USB card but I just need to now transfer that to my box ^.^ gosh technology is so.. annoying sometimes!

      The old phones were simpler I think…quick connection over infra-red or Bluetooth and all media was transferred….& yes I did try pairing my phones but as I said, iPhone is being very uncooperative! (Teach me to buy an iPhone) 😉

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