More Xmas presents?!

I started making a minion for one of my sons….but now i’m ill with a rotten cold and yes I’m feeling sorry for myself! -_- I’ve nearly finished the minion too, but I can’t make it whilst my boys are awake…obviously…so will see if I summon enough strength to finish him tonight. I’ve resorted to getting in bed and staying there recently ^.^ why would I want to freeze my butt outside my cosy covers? No unfortunately not even crocheting will cheer me up!
I did make a cute wee xmas wreath from PlanetJune I plan to try them in different colours too and maybe add some of my mini holly on it!

I still have plenty of thick yarn leftover from the cowl I made so I want to use it to make cosy socks for my twins, their feet get awful cold in their wellies.

Also found cute crochet minion slippers here from UK Crochet Patterns, all in UK terms though mind so ill have to convert them to US! ^.^

I wonder if I have enough yarn….think I’m going to my favourite wool shop on Monday, hehe….

I have just realised I’m almost overrun with projects this year! Oops! There’s just so many great patterns to try and cute things to make! ^.^

I would love to hear what projects you have on the go!


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