Real Life Hereos

I spent some time reflecting today. Thinking about the soldiers that died protecting us. The story of the veteran who had no family or friends to attend his funeral was sad but I witnessed on Twitter many people reaching out, spreading the word and asking for support. Asking the community if they would go to his funeral.
My assumption was that a handful of people would go and that I thought was still touching but when I read today that hundreds of people turned up….I was surprised. I felt proud of the community that joined together.

But this soldier, this hero among men spent his last days probably alone. How saddening to think he fought and lost so many friends, brothers to a forgotten war and he himself had also been forgotten.

It made me think that some men may have died in unrest on the battlefield. Things unsaid to loved ones, things they will never get to see or do.
Hold their new baby, see the war end…
And it isn’t just the past wars but the wars they fight today. Our brave men and women fighting to protect us…our children. The children of the future.

And no matter what your belief is on war it is irrelevant. Supporting our troops does not support war, it helps the human beings who chose to protect us.

I’ve added in some photos I took today…of no relevance I guess but maybe they are. After all would I have had the freedom or even the chance to be able to enjoy those sights of autumn if no one had been brave and stood up to fight in these wars?…

We don’t have to only reflect on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month….there are people out there every day of the year in need of help. I’m not talking about money, I’m talking about actual help. Support. A friend. Sometimes they just need someone to be with them for a short time. They may not want to talk, but company can be a great healer.

Lest we forget. Thank you for reading x


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