All but 1 on hold!

So I’m making a cowl for my mother in law, honestly, i only recently found out what a cowl is! It’s like a scarf but its not…actually I’m not going to explain because I found so many variations of a cowl when I was looking for one to make i wouldn’t know where to start!
I settled with a crochet one but halfway through I realised that, oh yes the bottom is too small! And that was after I tested a gauge! (First and last time I’ll bother with those things!) Anyway I did the unthinkable, unravelled 2 or 3 days of work….and started to knit a new one ^.^


Looks long yes? Well after measuring it I’m not even halfway through! >.< I'm 1/4….yes a quarter the way to the end! But I digress, its lovely, chunky & soft….and I enjoy knitting so i'll just have to put my phone away for longer than 10 minutes & get knitting! Lol ^.^

So until I finish this cowl I can't do any other projects….I want to make some more Domos….in all different colours ^.^ I'm going to knit my 2 yr old twins their stockings this year and try felt the first letter of their name to each one…then fill it with crochet presents ^.^ hehe I'm thinking of attempting to crochet superman for them. It's a shame I couldn't get away with more handmade presents for my eldest & less materialistic ones…but alas she's at that age… 😉

I still need to crochet some more Xmas decorations…oh & I have some presents for close friends I need to make…(a knitted bear for one…) the list is endless so I better get back to this cowl!

Hope you're all having a lovely week, Friday tomorrow, hurray! ^.^


2 thoughts on “All but 1 on hold!

  1. 3 days of work!? Did you cry? Lol It looks so yummy and soft, must be a joy to knit.
    I wish I get could away with handmade presents for my boys. All they’d be happy with at this age is money. 😉
    You have so much to do, I wish you luck! hehe

  2. Actually I didn’t mind too much! I think I knew I wanted to knit it but most patterns were to knit on circular needles…not in my talent range just yet so I found one to knit flat.
    My boys are only 2 so not alot they could do with money haha 😉

    Thank you! I better get knitting! ^.^

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