Lest we forget

So I’ve been busy making some poppies and have crocheted one into a ring that a child (or adult) can wear on their finger.
Now Halloween hasn’t even passed yet so I don’t know if I’m being too premature & I should wait before I upload pictures & share my pattern adaptations but because of my busy life (3 children!) I have to work ahead of each season, holiday & event otherwise id never get my projects finished in time.

Which also means I’m usually finished making before the special event has arrived….like Halloween for example. I’ve made everything I wanted to make for that and I’ve moved onto the poppies….and I am now ready to show you what I’ve done! ^.^


So here I’ve used this pattern but as I don’t have any spare buttons to hand I did the following for the centre:

In US & (UK) terms:
In black acrylic DK (double knit) yarn/wool: Magic Ring (aka magic circle/loop) and 6sc (6DC) in the loop, sl st to join & fasten off. Attach to the middle of the poppy, weave in the ends.

Let me know if I’ve made a mistake there, it’s the first time I’ve published a pattern & I’m used to using US terms. (Even though I’m from the UK!) 😉

And here is the ring on the back of the poppy:


US terms: For the ring I used green acrylic DK yarn: Ch 3, sc in last two chains,
Ch1, turn, 1sc in next 2 scs, ch1, turn…
Repeat until you have the desired length to fit around your finger and attach the two ends together to form the circle/ring then attach to the back of the poppy, be sure the ring is secure before you weave in your ends ^.^

If you have any questions or a better way to explain the above then please leave a comment and I’ll do what I can to help ^.^

My plan is to make as many as I can & give them to the poppy stands so they can resell them for donations. I think because these are crocheted they may help raise more money then the standard paper poppies. The ring poppy is perfect for children as its safe (no pins) and unlike a sticker it won’t peel off!
Let me know how many you managed to make, or if you spot any crocheted/knitted poppies in your area!

I hope you make lots of poppies and help raise money & support for our heroes.

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