Double Rainbow

We had another day out at the shops today. Nothing special to report even after the strong winds, just a few loose branches really. But on the way home I saw the most brilliant rainbow I’ve ever seen. It was so clear and colourful. But if that wasnt enough I then realised it was a double rainbow! I’ve never seen one myself so I took out my phone straight away to snap a shot or two ^.^


Unfortunately I took the photos on my rather dated iPhone 3GS because I didn’t have a camera to hand but think its still clear to see ^.^


And just before it disappeared I managed to snap this:


Don’t get me wrong I’ve seen many a brilliant picture of rainbows online or on tv in my life but usually the few that I do see are very faded so I wanted to share this one because I thought it was quite a nice rainbow after the downpour!

Right, I better get back to crocheting lots of poppies ^.^


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